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  • Availability
    • HKL2000, a graphical interface to Denzo, XdisplayF, Scalepack, and associated routines, is available, through a collaborative arrangement with HKL Research, on all the MacCHESS computers. All detectors in use on MacCHESS beamlines are supported. Type HKL2000 to start the program.
    • The mccview front-end program is available for convenient startup and logging of denzo and xdisp. Type mccview to start up the Java interface.
    • Experimenters from academic and non-commercial institutions may use the HKL programs for data evaluation and processing, while collecting data at the beamline. Users, holding a non-profit HKL license, can obtain, from HKL Research, Inc., the program upgrade to Version 1.96.6 to process data collected at CHESS.
    • Users, who do not have a permanent HKL license, can obtain free of charge a temporary license from HKL Research, Inc. to (re)process data collected at CHESS.
    • Users from commercial and for-profit institutions must have an appropriate commercial HKL license to use the program for data evaluation and processing, both when collecting data at the beamline and when processing data at home. The license can be obtained from HKL Research, Inc.
  • Manual
    • A few copies of the HKL Manual are on hand at CHESS. An on-line version is also available.
  • HKL2000 Site Definition Files

Documentation by Marian Szebenyi