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General data processing note:

Any data you processed and saved as a .dat file at the beamline can be processed by any of the standard software packages (Primus, Scatter, etc), in addition to RAW. We encourage you to use whatever program you are most comfortable with.

If you want to process the image files (if you didnít finish processing/didnít save all of your processed data at the beamline) you will need RAW to do so.1

Tutorial videos are available here. Documentation and a tutorial document are available here. Please use the up-to-date install instructions in the RAW <platform> install instructions .pdf files, where <platform> is Windows, Mac, or Linux as appropriate.


Overview of installing the RAW software

At the beamline we are currently running the latest stable release of RAW, RAW 1.2.2 (you need at least RAW Version 0.99.11b to process any SAXS/WAXS data collected at CHESS). This version includes the new SEC-SAXS processing capabilities and integrated control of GNOM, DAMMIF, DAMAVER, and AMBIMETER.

RAW is a python based program, and so requires a python installation to run. Up-to-date installation guides are available for RAW on the following platforms:

More information is available on the RAW website.

If you have questions, problems, or feedback please contact either the beamline scientist or the RAW developers.

1 This is not strictly true. An expert user can take the calibration parameters for the beamline and carry out the masking, integration, and calibration using any appropriate software package of their choice. The data files are all in standard Pilatus tiff format.