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  All three macromolecular stations have been equipped with new Cryostreams 700 series from Oxford Cryosystems.
  The temperature is usually set to 100 K, but can be varied from 80 K to 400 K. The systems can be programmed to cool down or warm up with a specific gradient, reach certain set points and hold these for a certain amount of time. 
  The cold gas flow is variable and can be set to either 5 or 10 L/min (turbo mode). For temperatures below 100 K the system automatically adjusts the flow to 10 L/min, for temperatures above 100 K a flow of 5L/min is sufficient to maintain the temperature within 0.1 K. The cold gas flow can be positioned in many different ways, from vertical to horizontal. 
  Accurate alignment is being done using the three positioners at the support stand with the aid of a nozzle alignment tool. This should be done with an empty pin or loop before mounting a crystal.
  Brief operation instructions are placed at the controller. They also contain some information about troubleshooting, but check first with the MacCHESS personnel on duty before attempting to fix a problem. 
Ulrich Englich


Last updated January, 2014