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Scheduled X-ray Runs:
October 8 - December 9, 2014
February 4 - March 31, 2015
May 27 - July 14, 2015
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Research Highlights

CRISPR-Associated Complex for Antiviral Defense

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Within the past decade it was discovered that many cells have an adaptive immune system to fight off foreign RNA or DNA which may have been inserted by a viral, plasmid or transposon attack.

Key to pathogenic slime uncovered

In the biofilm regulation pathway of Pseudomonas fluorescens and similar bacteria, high phosphate levels lead to the creation of messenger molecule cyclic-di-guanosin monophosphate (CDGMP).

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See video about MacCHESS

WebsEdgeEducation, "MacCHESS, Cornell University - Advancing the Research Goals...," YouTube, Web. 15 Feb. 2014.

About MacCHESS

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MacCHESS provides a facility for developing new technology and for advancing the research goals of structural biologists as well as the broader biological research community.


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Microcrystallography refers to the ability to obtain useful structures from small (<30 μm) crystals...


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Small-Angle X-Ray Solution Scattering (SAXS) at MacCHESS. Protein envelope reconstruction...

BioSAXS Essentials training course


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Automounters are intended to help maximize throughput at synchrotron beam lines where heavy shielding and safety interlocks slow manual access to the experiment...

High Pressure cooling

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Having constructed and tested the necessary equipment at CHESS, pressure-cryocooling is available to the user community on an experimental basis

Data collection

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Brief summary for successful protein crystallography data collection at MacCHESS