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2015 Scheduled X-ray Runs:
October 7 - December 8

2016 Scheduled X-ray Runs:
February 17 - April 5
May 11 - July 1

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Research Highlights   Publications

BioSAXS works to uncover cellular machinery involved in regulation of DNA transcription

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The biology of human diseases and disorders is highly complex. In many cases, despite a great deal of detailed structural knowledge, understanding mechanisms is still a long way off.

MacCHESS runs ACA course on small angle scattering

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The workshop was held at the 2015 Philadelphia ACA meeting and drew 46 participants. All students were provided with lunch, a set of printed course notes, and a memory stick containing course notes, tutorial data, and other useful material.

Workshop on fast framing detectors and time-resolved x-ray biology

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MacCHESS post-doc TK Chua seeks to understand the operation of enzymes that operate on gases, such as carbonic anhydrase and nitric oxide synthase, by applying the pressure-cryocooling technique to trap gas molecules in their active sites.

Small Angle Scattering: Structural Biology and Soft Matter (WK.04)

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Back by popular demand: MacCHESS' Richard Gillilan is heading up another international training course in Small Angle Scattering (SAS) at the annual meeting of the American Crystallographic Association this summer in Philadelphia.


MacCHESS User Info

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MacCHESS provides a facility for developing new technology and for advancing the research goals of structural biologists as well as the broader biological research community.


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Microcrystallography refers to the ability to obtain useful structures from small (<30 μm) crystals...


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Small-Angle X-Ray Solution Scattering (SAXS) at MacCHESS. Protein envelope reconstruction...

BioSAXS Essentials training course


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Automounters are intended to help maximize throughput at synchrotron beam lines where heavy shielding and safety interlocks slow manual access to the experiment...

High Pressure cooling

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Having constructed and tested the necessary equipment at CHESS, pressure-cryocooling is available to the user community on an experimental basis