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CHESS Scheduled X-ray Runs:
2016: October 26 - December 13
2017: January 25 - March 7

Proposal Submission

Workshop #2 recap: Biomolecules in Motion

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This “biomolecules” workshop was held on June 8th. This workshop focuses on motion of biomolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, complexes) which occurs as they perform their functions. “Motion” includes conformational changes, ranging from large domain “hinging” motions to relatively small loop motions (e.g. to allow and deny access to an active site); oligomerization changes; interaction with partner molecules.

BioSAXS Essentials 6 workshop bigger, better than ever

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MacCHESS held its sixth highly successfully BioSAXS Essentials workshop on May, 2016. Thirty students from fourteen different institutions (including ones as far away as UC Irvine and the University of Puerto Rico) attended the workshop in person, and fifteen students from eleven institutions and companies attended the course remotely via WebEx and YouTube Live. Five different expert instructors gave students a day and a half of lectures and hands-on tutorials in SAXS fundamentals, data collection, and data processing.

Surprising mechanism of an enzyme in a membrane

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Many cellular processes, particularly intercellular signaling, require enzyme-catalyzed reactions to occur inside a cell membrane. There are four known families of membrane-immersed proteases (enzymes which break protein chains); all four carry out important functions and damage to them is implicated in pathologies including cancer, Parkinson's disease, impaired resistance to parasites, and more.

MacCHESS User Info

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MacCHESS provides a facility for developing new technology and for advancing the research goals of structural biologists as well as the broader biological research community.


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Microcrystallography refers to the ability to obtain useful structures from small (<30 μm) crystals...


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Small-Angle X-Ray Solution Scattering (SAXS) at MacCHESS. Protein envelope reconstruction...

BioSAXS Essentials training course


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Automounters are intended to help maximize throughput at synchrotron beam lines where heavy shielding and safety interlocks slow manual access to the experiment...

High Pressure cooling

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Having constructed and tested the necessary equipment at CHESS, pressure-cryocooling is available to the user community on an experimental basis