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I just pressed "mount", and the gripper went into the dewar and nothing is happening.

It takes several minutes to chill the gripper on a first mount after it is warm. The mount will continue once the gripper is chilled. To save time, you can “chill” the gripper doing other things, so it will already be chilled when you're ready to mount.

The automounter missed a mount or a dismount.

Try it again. If it a fails a 2nd time, “warm” the gripper (you may want to try warming it twice). Chill it and try the mount or dismount again. If it fails a mount again, either try another pin, or verify that there is really a pin in the position that failed, by visually checking the dewar.

The software tells me that the mount or dismount failed even though it seemed to mount or dismount properly.

This can be caused by a glitch with one of the laser sensors, or a software issue with ADX. Make sure nothing is blocking either set of sensors (on the dewar lid or by the goniometer). Try another mount or dismount. It the error repeats, verify that the “pin mounted” field in the ADX “manual control” window updates with each mount and dismount. If it doesn't, make sure you are moving the cursor out of the “manual control” window with each mount or dismount. You can also try clicking in another window outside of the “manual control” window and see it the field will update. If this doesn't resolve the problem, restart the data collection software. After a software restart, if there is a pin currently on the goniometer, you may have to manually enter it's pin # in the “pin mounted” field before you can dismount it.

The automounter is unresponsive after a mount or dismount, and it looks like the gripper is jammed into the bottom of the dewar.

Check the last bit of text written in the CCD_BL window, which is usually minimized somewhere on the bottom of the data collection screen. A write statement such as “wait big z” or “wait little z”, as the last entry, indicates that the reed switch at the end of travel was not tripped. This could be caused by a glitch in the switch, or an obstruction preventing the gripper from placing the pin in the puck. Try tripping the reed switches on the long z and short z stages, that the gripper is mounted to, by using a magnet. This should allow the automounter to finish the dismount. After the dismount is finished, put the automounter into the “load pucks” position, open the dewar lid, and verify that the pin is not out of position, causing the gripper to jam. If no problems are found, try homing the dewar. To do this, close the dewar lid, select “disable” in the automounter menu in the manual control window, then select “enable”, and wait for the dewar to complete the homing process.

The automounter dewar is low on LN2.

Was the LN2 panel, located in the rack next to the data collection computer, reset after the dewar was last accessed? If so, make sure the LN2 panel does not show a fault condition. If it is ok, check the software program that monitors the autofill dewar. Has the autofill dewar faulted?

Scott Smith




Location of short and long Z reed switches